About killersmile16

extraordinary... flexible... transparent... its very easy to get along with me... i really love makin friends.. LOVE ME WITHOUT FEAR TRUST ME WITHOUT QUESTIONING NEED ME WITHOUT DEMANDING WANT ME WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS ACCEPT ME WITHOUT CHANGE DESIRE ME WITHOUT INHIBITIONS FOR A LOVE SO FREE..... "Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. so love the people who treat you right,forget about the ones who dont,and believe that everything happens for a reason. Know a good thing when you see it,and dont let it slip away. If you get a chance,take it. Nobody said it would be easy,they just said it would be worth it.." "I REALIZED that life is indeed full of contradictions.Sometimes its crazy to be sane.You need to fall to fly.People suffer because you care.You have to unlearn to know the lesson.You have to give up because you are strong.You have to be wrong to make things right. Nonetheless,lifes source of beauty .We should cry to laugh again,fall apart to be whole again,AND GET HURT TO LOVE AGAIN...."

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